Understand your players' games like never before


Analyse your players' games with the innovative and patented What-if-Analysis™, US Patent 10905933. Identify the areas that have the most effect on a player's score and design practice plans tailored for score improvement.

What-if-Analysis used to visualise a hypothetical score based on improvement in golfer skills

Review from your mobile

Sign-in to shotstohole.com from your mobile browser and select a player to review.

Review and monitor player performance

Link and review players

Review and monitor your linked players' golf stats and practice information. Invite players to link their ShotsToHole.com accounts to yours for review

Review and monitor player performance


Set goals based on findings from What-if-Analysis™, or set goals in any statistic. Help maintain player focus and assist in monitoring their progress.

Goal tracking

Round reports

Receive reports showing your players' completed rounds allowing you to keep up to date with player progress.

Round status report

Group your players

Compare one of your players to the average of the group. Rank the players within the group.

Group players


Rank your players in many statistics, for any time period and round type.

Player ranking


Record and categorise player and lesson notes. Help maintain professionalism and continuity between lessons.

Player and lesson notes


Benchmark players against themselves, another player, or ShotsToHole.com's extensive database of shots.

Extensive benchmarking tools

Relevant practice

Make practice relevant by designing practice programs that focus on shots played on the course.

Shot distance occurrance

30-day money back guarantee

We will refund your full subscription costs if the product does not meet your needs or expectations within 30 days of your initial purchase.