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How does strength training REALLY help your game? — GolfWRX

"... Using's What If Analysis Tool, predictions can be made based on improved performance in the game ..."

We Tried It: Shotstohole — Inside Golf

"... a fascinating and impressive system that will appeal to anyone looking to improve their game ..."

Reed's cyberspace use — Golf Channel

"... It tells you really what you need to work on and what will help you save the most shots ..."

Who is Patrick Reed? Get to know the Humana leader a little better — Golf Digest

"... Reed says he is playing with a higher confidence level this year, in part because he feels totally in tune with his new Callaway clubs and because of the work he has done with his swing coach Kevin Hart as well as with Stuart Leong of ..."

In golf's answer to Moneyball, a new breed of numbers-crunchers are changing the game — Golf Magazine

"... allows golfers to quantify the quality of their play through a wealth of data worthy of a NASA space launch. Among the website's nifty features: What-If-Analysis, which calculates a range of game-changing hypotheticals ..."

The Fine Line Between the Good and Great in Amateur and Professional Golf and How You Can Bridge the Performance Gap — Pro Tour Golf College Blog

"... you need to know the variable/s (the skills within the score) that would influence the difference in these outcomes, and that's where advanced statistics programs like "Shots To Hole" can help you ..."

Remove The Emotion From Golf — By Todd Kolb, USGolfTV

"... The program allows students to enter every shot into a database, which provides us with a clear picture of what is happening on the course. This information gives us the ability to look at real data from each and every round comparing the performance of one player to a variety of other players and ranges of scoring. It is this information that provides us with the knowledge to put together a true plan for improvement that is based on fact not emotion. ..."