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In my opinion it is a must have for any serious player or coach.

Denis McDade

Our team began using ShotsToHole.com this season and as a coach, I've been able to make our practices more meaningful, efficient, and productive based on the information generated. We're identifying players' competitive strengths and weaknesses, then making the game simpler with clear, convincing data. Shots to Hole is easy to use and gives coaches the info they need to take their players to the next level of scoring.

University of Michigan

Game development begins with proper evaluation. True confidence comes from having total belief in your process. ShotsToHole.com provides all of these essentials for our students. ShotsToHole.com eliminates the fluffy stats that make no impact on improvement. Instead they focus on the areas making a difference. Your students will have a clear picture of where to spend time in practice. This clarity greatly increases our clients' motivation to practice.

If you are serious about your players' development then your only choice for a statistical partner is ShotsToHole.com.

Dustin Johnson Golf School

The program is equally important for both players and coaches. With this information, the national coaches can focus on key areas for coaching and clearly demonstrate to the player which of their skills are improving or need more work. ShotsToHole.com provides us with data that is crucial in our work with National Squad players.

ShotsToHole.com is the best statistical program I have come across. The players have found it easy to use, and I have found the information invaluable in the development of our players.

The purpose of practice is to improve your scoring performance on the golf course. In order to achieve this efficiently you must practice the right things. ShotsToHole.com identifies your strengths and weaknesses and allows you to track your progress over time. This means you can create practice sessions which are specifically targeted to accelerate the rate of your improvement.

ShotsToHole.com has helped my players practice more efficiently. The benchmarking tools and What-if-Analysis are extremely helpful and serve as great motivators to guide progress.

Being able to create an environment where the student themselves perceives the need to improve their skills is a critical factor in the improvement process. ShotsToHole.com software assists in achieving this by providing the student with a clear and objective analysis of where their strengths and weaknesses truly lie.

For coaches, it is a powerful game analysis, player comparative, goal setting and practice planning tool. In my opinion it is a must have for any serious player or coach.

The Singapore National Team has been using ShotsToHole.com for the last year. It is a fantastic program and one that has become a necessity. It allows players and more importantly coaches, an opportunity to follow and analyse individual performance. It is a must have program for any serious elite amatuer golfer and elite golf coach.

ShotsToHole.com has allowed my students' practice to become more productive. It's in-depth data has taken all the guess work out of it and allows us to devise the ideal practice program for maximum improvement.

If you're not using ShotsToHole.com you're not serious about improving your game.

ShotsToHole.com is by far the best golf stats program I have ever used, it enables me to better track my players' performances in all levels of play. The ability to set and monitor specific structured practice programs has been a huge benefit to me and my players development.

A must for any serious coach.

As a full time coach, ShotsToHole.com is a necessity to track performance, practice and goal outcomes for my players. ShotsToHole.com is an integral part of coaching and development. It allows the player to compare and track their Key Performance Indicators against their peers and their ultimate target playing group.

If you are serious about athlete development, ShotsToHole.com needs to be part of your program delivery.

ShotsToHole.com is without a doubt the best data collection package available on the market with amazing practical application to take players games to a new level without becoming time consuming. Taking statistical data has been something of interest for many years. Until now the process was time consuming and data collected seemed to have little relevance to precise improvement strategies to help the players.

ShotsToHole.com is a revolutionary improvement analysis system that we have made compulsory for all our high performance players. This software assists players to take responsibility in providing data as they are able to see precise improvement pathways. The data collected allows my coaching staff and myself the ability to monitor all necessary data to enable players to reach their full potential.

It is my opinion that any coach or player not using this program is at a disadvantage. I am happy to discuss this program in detail with any coaches who are looking at investing in the great product.

ShotsToHole.com is the most comprehensive statistic and player management program I have come across. The players love the system and as a result player adherence is easy with players referring to the site regularly. Players can view their historical data and plan for the future by setting goals around areas highlighted by the system.

For players in the Golf Fusion Academy, ShotsToHole.com is a non-negotiable, if you want to be in the Academy you must use this program, it is that good. I love the program.

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